Bass Coast Landcare Welcomes You

home1-100How important is our land?

Have you, like us, ever considered how important the land actually is to us?  How vital its proper management and continuing health are to our well being and economy?


preservesWith summer over and the fruit trees losing their leaves, it is the time to capture a bit of that summer sun in a bottle. The beginning of May saw an enthusiastic group of future ‘bottlers’ gathered at Bass Community Hall to learn the basics of preserving fruit.

This was another free ‘Future Homes’ event in the Bass Coast Shire, assisting residents to prepare for a healthy sustainable future. For more information on the event click here

The ‘Future Homes’ program has two more free sessions before July: ‘Keeping Carbon on Farms’ and ‘Community Gardens for Everyone’.

Enquiries can be directed to Rosie Scott-Thompson at Bass Coast Landcare Network. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0409 366 914. 

Does revegetation with indigenous plants really bring back biodiversity?

Crested Shrike tit ct580 580x412[1]On my property the answer is a resounding yes.

I purchased a five acre paddock at the top of the catchment for a tributary of the Powlett river surrounded by farmland in 2007. Since arriving I have planted out around half my property with indigenous vegetation being careful to create a diverse structure of ground covers, under storey and over storey plants.

For more information click here 

law-image-smallLocal Landcare identity Lew Potter was fossicking around a Numurkah storeroom some time ago and stumbled upon an old records book from the Dookie Courthouse. A history buff , Lew began reading through the ledgers for interesting stories and anecdotes from the goings on of the district courthouse during the period around 1898. It did not take long for Lew to discover a story which has some relevance to our ‘war against weeds’, and puts into context the seriousness with which the authorities at that time took with matters of the threat posed by invasive weed species.